NEU Dinners is an experimental dinner series that brings the world's greatest chefs to Berlin to pair them with local chefs for a night of creatively unhinged cooking. Every NEU dinner is an eclectic synergy of different cooking styles and influences, where dishes are conceived in complete collaboration and where recreating dishes from existing restaurant menus is forbidden. Instead NEU provides a blank canvas, upon which a unique menu is born for one night only, not to be experienced anywhere else in the world, ever again.

NEU was conceived as a means of creative outlet for Berlin’s exploding food scene by Arlene Stein (Terroir Talks) and Per Meurling (Berlin Food Stories), the two brains behind the Chef's Symposium Terroir Berlin. Staged in some of Berlin's most exhilarating venues, NEU Dinners facilitate never-seen-before culinary collaborations and the resulting meals push the envelope for both chefs and guests alike. It will be experimental. It will be wild. It will be highly entertaining. And it will ultimately be a glimpse into the future of Berlin gastronomy.

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